Scrap Apple Quilts is Southern Utah’s largest and most complete quilting destination.

Everyone always asks, ‘How did you get your name’?

So here it is. When I was in the craft business, I made stuffed apples (not to eat!!) from scraps or small pieces of fabric. They could sit on a shelf, hang on a Christmas Tree or in a basket, or be a gift for a favorite friend. It was my best seller. Thinking about a name before we opened Scrap Apple, those apples came to mind and just seemed to fit – it was the right name. That was in 2005.

In the 14 years since, Scrap Apple Quilts has become a Southern Utah’s Quilting Destination. We carry a wide variety of fabric, from Cottons and Batiks to Wool, from the basics to Kaffe and art fabrics, something for everyone. And we carry a large inventory of notions, every-thing you need to complete a quilt.

We bring in National Teachers to teach their special techniques and patterns, and our local teachers also teach new tools, techniques and patterns. We have Quilt Camp every summer, Finish if Friday, every Friday, (so you can Finish your quilt and there is always someone to help), Great Sales and a fully stocked Sale Room all the time. We have 3 major Sale days each year; our anniversary sale in February, July 4th, and Black Friday/Saturday after Thanksgiving. In addition we are open all holidays except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

When I first opened, a good friend of mine said, ‘well we’ll see you in 10 years, that’s about the life span of a quilt shop owner’. And here we are going on 15. What a great business to be in. We get quilters from all over. We have made so many dear friends and learned so many new things. Still going strong, having no desire to stop.