Shirley Baptist-Owner
I fell in love with quilting in 1996. At that time, I was making and selling different types of fabric craft items and selling them. One day, as I was out scouting for fabric, I happened upon a quilt store and the rest is history.

Entering the store was like stepping into a fantasyland – the quilts, the patterns, books and tools were fabulous and certainly not a thing like the quilts I had grown up with. My mom and grandmother were quilters but modern quilts are very different – not better, just different.

I signed up for some classes and was simply hooked. I couldn’t get enough. I went to work in a quilt store and kept taking classes. And, of course, I started working on my ‘stash’.

In 1999 I started to design some of my own quilts and teaching classes. This is the part of quilting I like the most. And my secret love is Folk Art and hand applique. I enjoy making each quilt and pattern. I hope you enjoy them also!

After we moved to Southern Utah in 2001, I continued to quilt and design. And I went to work in a local quilt store. One of the prerequisites of the move was that there was a decent quilt store in town.

In 2005, with a skeptical husband in tow, I opened Scrap Apple Quilts. Don is not a quilter but has become very familiar with the quilting world. He loves the quilts I make and has photographed many of them for me. Now, he laughs when women talk about their ‘stash’ and says that I have the biggest stash of all; I traded in pieces of fabric for whole bolts. He is my greatest supporter.

Owning a store has cut down on my own piecing and design time but I love it and if you’re in Southern Utah or come this way, drop in and see us.

Christine Carpenter
Ever since Christine followed her mom down the aisles touching the fabric in the downstairs J.C. Penny’s, she has had a passion for fabric. Dressmaking, smocking, French machine sewing, hand piecing, hand quilting, and now machine quilting have been a part of her journey through life. Halloween fabric is her very favorite!!!