I’m so excited about this new club! It’s a way to share simple and do-able quilt designs that take their inspiration from traditional blocks and motifs, but the patterns use modern techniques for today’s quiltmakers.

This club was created for the pleasure of quiltmakers, but also for the benefits of quilt shops, as it’s an ideal opportunity for workshops and club get-togethers. I’ve taken a bit of a new approach with the fabrics and prints used in the projects-my upcoming Vintage Farmhouse line of fabrics is used prominently in this collection of quilts, but I also used older prints used to fill in and add some variety. Quiltmakers can also use this same approach at home, easily pulling from their stash to incorporate what they may already have on hand.

I created these Simple Whatnots projects to provide a collection of simply sewn quilts that can be stitched by quiltmakers of all skill levels. These quilts focus on basic patchwork, so they’re fun and quick to make-the smaller project sizes enable people to start AND finish them. I’ve included applique motifs in a couple of the projects, but only on a limited basis, so this is a perfect way to dabble in a technique that might be new without feeling overwhelmed.

Best of all, the Simple Whatnots project handouts have been designed to feel like mini versions of my books-there are quilts to stitch, a sprinkling of tips and recipes, and occasional ideas for little bonus projects.

In today’s world with our busy schedules and hectic lives, I think quiltmaking should be fun! I really want people to enjoy experimenting with color and getting back to basics with these sweet little quilts. To me, the only thing better than beginning a new project is beginning a new project that can be finished without being tossed into the UFO pile.

Come check out the upcoming Kim Diehl’s Simple Whatnots Club beginning December at Scrap Apple Quilts.
Kim Diehl